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Frequently Asked Questions

What is America’s New Business Plan?

America’s New Business Plan is a nonpartisan partisan policy roadmap to support entrepreneurs, with recommendations for federal, state, and local government. The plan was developed to provide policymakers with research-informed solutions to overcoming the problems faced by entrepreneurs that prohibit them from starting and growing their business. Recommendations are broken into four pillars:

  • Access to Opportunity: A Level Playing Field That Reduces Barriers
  • Access to Funding: A Holistic, Accessible, and Innovative Approach to Capital
  • Access to Knowledge: Real World Experience for the Workforce and to Start a Business
  • Access to Support: The Ability for All to Take Risks

What are the problems that America’s New Business Plan aims to address?

The past two years have shown us that despite the will of the American people and aspiring entrepreneurs across the country, our nation’s systems continue to impact different populations in significantly different ways.

Our nation’s wealth gap remains jarring and evident throughout the process of starting a business. Black households hold a median net worth that is one-tenth of typical white households – with Latino households facing the similar disparity. With less personal wealth, minority business owners must seek outside funding, except Black entrepreneurs see their loan requests approved three times less than those of white entrepreneurs – a difference that persists even after accounting for credit scores and net worth.

These inequities continue for women and those who live in rural geographic areas. The gender pay gap puts a disproportionate strain on female entrepreneurs and more than 80% of all venture capital continues to flow toward the three coastal states of California, Massachusetts, and New York.

These are not new problems – but they are grave. And to solve them will require a new, collaborative approach that provides entrepreneurs the opportunity, funding, knowledge, and support necessary to reduce barriers to entry and spur more startups across the country, and an approach that provides access for students of all ages to gain the skills they need to succeed.

What is the goal of America’s New Business Plan?

America’s New Business Plan for 2022 offers a nonpartisan policy roadmap to create a more inclusive economy by building a prepared workforce and concentrating on entrepreneur-focused economic development. The four-part plan focuses on creating new, good jobs and rebuilding an economy that works for everyone, with practical and achievable ideas that can be implemented starting now.

How were the recommendations selected in America’s New Business Plan?

America’s New Business Plan was a collaborative effort that reflects inputs from researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs themselves.

What is Start Us Up?

Start Us Up is a diverse coalition of groups and organizations working to level the playing field for entrepreneurs in America. The coalition spans the entire nation and includes entrepreneurship support organizations, nonprofits, university centers, and more.

Who can join the Start Us Up coalition?

Organizations, nonprofits, and other groups whose work supports new business ownership and growth are encouraged to apply to join the Start Us Up coalition. Coalition members may operate at the local, state, or national levels.

What efforts has the coalition undertaken?

Coalition members are identifying the components of America’s New Business Plan that have the greatest potential for entrepreneurs in their areas and working to educate policymakers on the need to take action. Members have hosted hearings and events across the country and have worked with policymakers to support new and small businesses.

Is this effort partisan?

Start Us Up is nonpartisan. America’s New Business Plan is intended to be a bipartisan document with recommendations that appeal to policymakers across the political spectrum.

Who is leading this effort?

Start Us Up: America’s New Business Plan was formally launched by the Kansas-City based Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, but the initiative was designed so others could tailor it to their organization or community’s own needs. An extensive team of entrepreneurs and policymakers was consulted to draft the recommendations, and the coalition has grown to more than 150 champions, all of whom are working to advance entrepreneurship in their regions.

What can I do to help?

Policymakers and staff are encouraged to read America’s New Business Plan and identify new opportunities to support entrepreneurs in their jurisdictions.

Organizations are encouraged to apply to join the Start Us Up coalition, where they will have access to resources that help them engage policymakers and inspire change in their communities.

Individuals are encouraged to sign up for our newsletter and follow Start Us Up on social media. The coalition will often engage grassroots champions, because the greater our support, the stronger our voice will be.

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