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America's New Business Plan

If we’re going to create new jobs, we must support entrepreneurs. Yet, policymakers continue to prioritize big, established businesses over new business.

The result: Entrepreneurship has remained effectively flat for 20 years, in part because women, people of color, and rural residents lack equal access to the tools needed to start new businesses.

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America’s New Business Plan

We have a bipartisan plan for policymakers that is focused on creating new jobs and leveling the playing field for startups and small businesses.

So what do new business owners need? It’s pretty simple:


A Level Playing Field and Less Red Tape


Equal Access to the Right Kind of Capital Everywhere


The Know-How to Start a Business


The Ability for All to Take Risks

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The Start Us Up Coalition

Organizations around the country are working hard to eliminate barriers to starting a new business.

Meet our coalition members.

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America’s entrepreneurs don’t ask for much. They embrace the future by building it themselves, working toward goals with the spirit and drive to overcome every hurdle in their paths.

Join the organizations around the country that are working hard to eliminate barriers to starting a new business.

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