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Coalition Roundup: October 9, 2020

The past few days have brought into serious question the possibility of additional COVID-19 relief for new and small businesses. Recent news suggests talks may be back on, but regardless, it has become clear that many federal policymakers are comfortable playing politics with the livelihoods of thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As we’ve long noted, new and young businesses are responsible for nearly all net new job creation. Greater government support is needed to strengthen these businesses at this pivotal moment.

In recent weeks, Start Us Up members have elevated the voices of business owners. Today’s coalition roundup highlights some of these efforts from across the coalition to ensure policymakers understand the risk of continued delay.

Small Business Majority, Small Business Owners Comment on the Need for Immediate and Comprehensive Stimulus Relief
Prior to the initial decision to end stimulus talks, Small Business Majority shared comments from a diverse group of entrepreneurs on the critical need for immediate assistance. CEO John Arensmeyer writes that “if Congress can’t agree on a stimulus package or a standalone deal for small businesses immediately, our entrepreneurs and job creators will continue to close for good.”

COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition Sends Letter to Congressional Leaders: “No Recess Without Relief”
The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, alongside nearly 200 major public and private sector groups across the United States, released a letter to Congress imploring leaders to reach a bipartisan compromise “to prevent catastrophic economic harm.” The letter goes on to note that “Congress’ failure to act now will result in negative economic ramifications that will reverberate for decades.”

8 in 10 Small Businesses Say Congress Should Prioritize Economic Relief & Election Security Over Supreme Court as President Ends Aid Negotiations
Small Business for America’s Future shared results from a national survey revealing policy priorities for entrepreneurs entering the November 3 election. Seventy-nine percent of entrepreneurs surveyed say Congress should prioritize economic relief—a reflection of the severity of the crisis and the survey’s finding that 49 percent of small businesses may close by the end of the year without additional assistance.

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