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Coalition Roundup: October 30, 2020

When America’s New Business Plan was released in October 2019, it referenced the decisiveness of the 2020 presidential election.

On Tuesday, that day will arrive, and America will vote — not only for the presidency and Congress, but also in state, county, and local elections, all of which will affect the future of entrepreneurship policy in our communities.

Given the events of the past year, the stakes have never been higher. As we continue to mobilize our coalition to increase urgency among policymakers, it is equally important for entrepreneurs and advocates to exercise their civic duties and vote.

Your Business, Your Vote, Your Voice
Public Private Strategies shared a video on how small business owners can engage in public policy. Founder Rhett Buttle’s recent Forbes contribution also highlights the role businesses can play in elections by encouraging employees to vote, “regardless of personal political preferences.”

Swinging on the Lakes: The States and Counties We’re Watching for Election Day
Economic Innovation Group, whose recently updated Distressed Communities Index compares economic well-being in different communities, analyzed several swing states ahead of Tuesday’s election. Tracking racial and state-by-state inequities, the analysis concludes recent economic experience could play a decisive role in key states.

The Real Rebuilding Will Begin after the Election, and it Will Start with Entrepreneurs, Economic Developers, and Ecosystem Builders
Earlier this month, CO.STARTERS penned a column bringing context to Tuesday’s high-profile elections, noting that while “presidents matter … so do starters, ecosystem builders, and economic developers.” Regardless of next week’s outcomes, the hard work of supporting entrepreneurs and their communities will continue in full force.

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