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Coalition Roundup: November 6, 2020

On Tuesday, a record number of Americans fulfilled their civic duties and voted in federal, state, and local elections. Given that policy too often ignores the needs of entrepreneurs, voting is an important component in securing a seat at the metaphorical table.

But it’s only one step, and it’s essential the energy from the 2020 cycle propels forward action. As we reflect on this pivotal week, we believe the bipartisan issue of entrepreneurship can help unify a divided nation, creating an opportunity to work with policymakers on a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable future for new and small businesses.

digitalundivided: Letter From The CEO on Election Night 202
digitalundivided CEO Lauren Maillian shared a statement earlier this week, reflecting on the pivotal role played by women of color in the election. Noting that she and her team are more “motivated than ever to continue the fight for inclusivity and to advocate for Black and Latinx women innovators,” she also discusses the importance of policy reform around systemic racism and the communities hit hardest by COVID-19.

United WE: Statement On Election
Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of United WE, also released her thoughts on Tuesday’s election. In her letter, she cites the incredible potential to unite together and “remove barriers for women and advocating for policies that support women will make families and communities healthier and the economy stronger.”

What Election Indecision Means for Another Round of Stimulus
And finally, Economic Innovation Group CEO John Lettieri was quoted in an Inc. analysis of stimulus prospects following the election, forecasting a potential shift in Congress’ approach to small-business relief to meet the ongoing needs of America’s entrepreneurs amid the pandemic.

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